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At D&C Investors Group, we specialise in strategic growth plans, operational efficiency improvements, and meticulously planned exit strategies across diverse industries.

Meet our founders Danny & Cian…

Cian O'Toole

Meet Cian O’Toole, owner of D&C Investors Group.

As an investor and entrepreneur, Cian works with business owners to plan their exit, scale or sell their profitable companies.

He is a Chartered Accountant by profession with core skills lie in; financial management including cash flow & restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), growth strategy and exit planning. 

He has been involved with many companies throughout his career across a range of industries.

With 15+ years’ experience in the M&A space, Cian helps companies through, what can seem to many, a daunting task of navigating a full transaction from start to finish.

Cian helps business owners with the unnerving task of planning their exit or putting a strategic plan in place to grow their company to where they want it to be.

Away from work, he is a recently married man and he and his wife are expecting their first child. In his spare time Cian loves nothing more than exercising and keeping healthy, getting out and playing golf as much as possible (although he says he is not very good!).

Cian aims to create a strong connection with any business owner that he works with, believing that it is vital to get to know business partners as individuals and for them to get to know him.

Danny O'Neill

Meet Danny O’Neill, Investor, Entrepreneur and Specialist Non-Executive Director at D&C Investors Group.

With nearly two decades of experience navigating the business world, Danny has weathered storms and celebrated triumphs, having grown and sold numerous successful companies across various industries. From B2B services to B2C, professional services, healthcare, leisure, and hospitality, Danny’s expertise spans a wide spectrum with a background primarily in sales, marketing, and operations.

Preparing to exit a business can be daunting, but with Danny’s guidance, it becomes a streamlined process marked by precision and expertise. Danny envisions a future where every business commands the highest possible return, where decisions are aligned with long-term goals, and where confidence abounds in taking the next step towards a lucrative exit. Together, we’ll work towards realizing this vision.

For business owners contemplating an exit within the next 0 to 60 months, Danny offers bespoke guidance and strategies to maximise company value before the sale. With expertise ranging from market positioning to scaling strategies, Danny brings decades of entrepreneurial experience to the table, ensuring success at every turn.

Outside of the boardroom, Danny enjoys spending time with his beautiful fiancée and two young kids, exploring the great outdoors through skiing, beach days and golfing adventures.

We hope that this insight into who we are, gives you the confidence to take the first step in finding out how D&C Investors Group can help you achieve your business goals.

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